Robby Findler, Northwestern University & PLT
Racket: a programming-language programming language
Conal Elliott, The father of Functional Reactive Programming
“The Essence and Origins of Functional Reactive Programming”
Viktor Klang, Deputy CTO Typesafe, Akka architect and committer.
Functional Programming and Composing Actors

Are you a functional programmer looking to improve your skills in languages like Clojure, Scala, Erlang, Haskell, Racket, OCaml or F#?

If so, then Lambda Jam is a new conference that can take your skills to the next level. This is not your traditional conference of sitting and listening – a significant portion of each day will be devoted to hands-on practice or workshops. We aim to stretch your skills and teach you something new!


Hyatt Place Chicago-South/University Medical Center
5225 S Harper Ave
Chicago, IL 60615

Hotel Reservations:
Call (800) 233-1234
Mention code G-LCAL
Rate is $209 and includes hot breakfast and internet.


South Shore Cultural Center
7059 S South Shore Dr
Chicago, IL 60649

Daily Schedule

Morning sessions (3 hours) · Workshops/hands-on (3 hours) · Keynote